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Lyme Disease tick bite

A tick, often associated as the vector for LYME disease infection




Lyme disease target rash

The typical "target" rash of LYME infection following a tick bite.





Movie on LYME diseaseExcellent documentary on LYME disease





Plum Island Conspiracy and LYME disease

Plum Island Conspiracy: LYME disease may have escaped due to negligence and poor security from a biowarfare lab.



Lyme disease Cowden protocol myasthenia gravis

I liked this video a lot as it shows a lot of special statistics, some of which are shocking, such as:

"90% of patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are suffering from Lyme disease."
Americain Lyme Disease Alliance (ALDA)


300,000 to 700,000 of new cases of Lyme disease are popping up every year in Germany, alone.

The video then goes on to plug the Cowden protocol which I will begin to personally use and also suggest for my patients beginning in November 2015. Although I am not fond of a 14 supplement approach, and just suggest the Samento and Banderol.




Rife and LYME disease

RIFE - A very effective alternative treatment for curing LYME disease naturally





Samento good natural antibiotic for LYME

Samento, a good natural antibiotic for LYME disease.






MMS for LYME disease

MMS - Another excellent natural antibiotic for curing LYME disease naturally






biofibrin for LYME

biofibrin for LYME - an excellent Cyst / biofilm buster.





0000000000iHolistic Counseling for LYME disease

Holistic Counseling is an excellent approach to address and remove "root causes" of illness that help a person fight off LYME disease.



Moshe Daniel myasthenia gravis healing

About the philosophy and practice of alternative and holistic medicine in curing myasthenia gravis


About Moshe Daniel's Approach to healing and cure myasthenia gravis


Myasthenia Gravis healing LYME disease




Archived page of Moshe Daniel's myasthenia gravis website.


Intro: At the time that I write this, I have been working with patients of myasthenia gravis for 15 years. It is January 2015. I have managed to help many cases, but there have been some cases that, despite improvement on the mental emotional levels, did not progress physically. And then there were cases that did not improve at all. After a lot of frustration and brain-wracking, I believe the underlying infection with the Spirochete Bacteria, called Borrelia burgdoferi, which causes LYME disease, is responsible for the cases that have not progressed. To say this more clearly, LYME disease can manifest as a condition that can be mistaken for and misdiagnosed as myasthenia gravis.

My Own Account with Myasthenia Gravis and LYME Disease

You may have read my story - that I cured myself of myasthenia gravis. Well, the truth is, that I have done remarkably well and myasthenia gravis hasn't slowed me down since my diagnosis in 1995. However, in times of severe stress during these past twenty years, and especially in the last year, I have had symptoms return. Something wasn't quite going away. Despite having delved extremely deeply into my own mind-body connection (I am always "working" on myself in that way), there has remained something lingering inside my system that has led at times to symptoms like a stiff neck, ocular symptoms like diplopia, weakness in my arms and legs, difficult digestion, change in cognitive functions (poor memory), change in emotional state (feeling numb and disconnected from my emotions, and at times, even depressed, which is highly unlike me), hair loss, pain in muscles, low energy (resembling chronic fatigue). I have always thought of this as a manifestation of myasthenia gravis, but recently, I became aware that this is, in fact, LYME disease. I have managed to remain quite healthy through the years, using mind-body healing as well as homeopathy. But looking back, it's been a constant struggle. When I have taken breaks from focusing closely on homeopathy and mind-body medicine, when I have been under a lot of stress, the symptoms have returned. This is not how it should be! True Holistic medicine should root out of the cause of the disease and lead to a full recovery. But for some of my cases, and even for myself, something was lingering. That is LYME disease. And what I have come to understand is that LYME disease is NOT a natural disease. It has been created and released from a infectious disease research lab. More on this later.

I will share more on the process I underwent to get testing and how I treat myself and my patients with LYME to get them symptom free and ultimately, to rid their body of the bacteria and co-infections that often accompany it, once and for all. It is a serious problem but when I put my finger on it, finally, to answer what this lingering aspect of myasthenia gravis was, and why I couldn't help some of my patients, I felt a great amount of relief and hope to be 100%.

Update October 28th 2015

After working for a few months with both MMS, and then Monolaurin and Biofibrin as a pair, I'd say that both helped me. The MMS brought out a ton of old infections and helped a lot. and then Monolaurin biofibrin helped too. MMS is stronger and more "obviously" killing things off than monolaurin, which is gentler, subtler. Although I have heard of people getting Herx from the monolaurin, so I may have had less reaction to the monolaurin / biofibrin because I had already been on the MMS for a couple of months previously, and so less Herx could be created.

Now, around 4-5 months after being off any 'direct' treatment for the LYME, I am feeling the symptoms creep back in - pain in the neck, stiff neck, L5-S1 back pain and tenderness. Also, difficulty with some cognition - memory has gotten fuzzy again, poor word recall, some confusion and just not as sharp as usual. So I am going to try another product pair which holds a lot of promise. It's called Samento and Banderol from Dr.Cowden, a Lyme Literature MD (LLMD). There's a lot of good research and results with this product pair. I'll update on my process. I also have some patients beginning on this protocol and I will update here as I get more data.

Update March 8th 2015

I got the Western blot blood test results back and I was positive for Lyme. So I felt a great relief from that knowing... knowing there was something insidious happening with my health, so yes, it was a relief. and Then I thought, "Shit. I really do have Lyme." Results shown below (link).

I am doing much better, feeling much better. I did 2 months of Jim Humble's MMS protocol and I believe it helped a lot at the beginning. I had severe die-off (Herxheimer reaction) for 2 weeks, and was knocked out for the entire time. I could barely function as the infections were dying off. I have continued to work with homeopathy that also helps to clear negative energies and works very deeply, building me up. I didn't feel like the MMS was doing much more so I stopped. What I have found is that there seems to be multifold approaches to this condition. Some say stay away from sugar, wheat. Some say fix the leaky gut syndrome. Some say remove mercury amalgams. Others say mould in the environment is the big killer. Others give a long list of detoxing herbs, and then antibacterial herbs. The main point here is that whatever people do to help boost their bodies, cleanse themselves, and remove exciting causes (things that trigger episodes) seems to help. Since this disease is "the great imitator" of so many different conditions, it makes sense that there could be many different approaches, with perhaps the exception of long-term pharmaceutical antibiotic use not being on the top of my list at all. I still feel, as I am a real "mind-body" practitioner, that the mental-emotional causes of disease are the strongest. I also know that what we're dealing with here is not natural. It has not evolved from Nature. It was created in a lab for bio-warfare. It is meant to be insidious, evade detection of immune system, and consequently, of many diagnostic tests. The good news is, we can beat this.


borrelia burgdoferi lyme


LYME Disease - The Great Imitator

Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdoferi spirochete) is pictured on the left, and the spirochete responsible for syphilis (Treponema pallidum) is shown on the right. Notice any difference? These pictures are courtesy of the C.D.C., and the University of California at Irvine.of the C.D.C., and the University of California at Irvine.


I, along with many other researchers, believe the spirochete Borrelia burgdoferi was engineered from the Syphilis spirochete known as Treponema pallidum. Syphilis has been known for a long time as the "Great Imitator" as it has often been misdiagnosed as other diseases when it presents atypically. The very same title is now being used for LYME disease - the new Great imitator.


Borrelia spirochete infections (aka LYME disease) can lead to conditions easily diagnosed as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, juvenile RA, ankylosing spondylitis, OsteoArthritis, amylotrophic lateral schlerosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease), Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer???s Disease, Parkinson's, Syphillis, endocarditis, EB virus (Mononucleosis), pinta, yaws, malaria, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lichen Sclerosus, Autism, Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS), polymyositis, and finally, myasthenia gravis. This page is dedicated to focusing on myasthenia gravis, but really, what I share for mg can be applied for any of these conditions.


Whether the spirochete imitates these various diseases, or it perpetrates a compromise to the immune system, and / or nervous system, leading to the manifestations of these various diseases, remains to be seen.


See this website for a more thorough list of LYME disease symptoms and manifestations -


Co-infections can also occur with the Borrelia bugdoferi spirochete and can complicate the matter. Sometimes seen with Borrelia burgdoferi: Babesia, Bartonella, and Erlichia.



Borreli-burgdoferi-spirocheteBorellia burgdorferi is a very tricky organism. The spirochete is both gram-negative and spiral-shaped with endoflagellum. The flagella at both ends rotates in opposite directions which allows the bacterium to penetrate through different tissue layers. Spirochetes are composed of about 40% DNA and have double-membrane envelopes that make them difficult to trace and kill. They're apparently able to hide in deep tissue and change shapes to disguise their identities. In the body, they exist in this elongated form, however, they also in a round cystic form, where they can be difficult to diagnose and treat, and an L form and also in the vacuole of the cell, once it has penetrated there. There is also a biofilm that researchers (Dr. Alan MacDonald, working out of his own basement, on his own time) have found that the spirochete secretes onto and around its surface which makes it immune to or resistant to antibiotics and also protects it from the patient's own immune system. This is a video which depicts the biofilm.

Also, in the cystic form, antibiotics are ineffective. It is suspected that the Borrelia b. incorporates host DNA into its cell membrane, allowing it to "hide" from the host's immune system. That is another expression of it being "The Great Imitator."


The general thought has been that a TICK is responsible for spreading the infection. Certainly, this was one of the main ways that this has occured. A resultant "target" rash spreads from the area of the tick bite.


There are three different stages in Lyme disease; primary, early disseminated and chronic. After being infected with B. burgdorferi the symptoms of the Lyme disease, headache, aches, chills and fever can manifest themselves. (This may be the only time that actually taking an antibiotic can be effective). Some of the first symptoms of Lyme disease are very similar to many other common diseases, including the flu and common cold. Therefore, the disease can be hard to diagnose and can progress into the later stages, which are characterize by arthritis, inflammation and less frequently, neurological or psychological symptoms. In stage three of the diseases, B. burgdorferi can cross the blood brain barrier and can cause significant neural damage, cognitive function problems, and mental-emotional pathology.


However, research and scientific findings are now reporting that the tick is far from the only vector that is responsible for the infection by Borrelia b.. Respected researchers , such as Lida Mattman ( author of "Stealth Pathogens" ), are finding that Borrelia b. has not only been found in ticks but also in human tears, breast milk, semen, mosquitoes, cow's milk, fleas, mites....even well water and african dust. This attests to the extreme hardiness of the lyme spirochete.


Conspiracy Theories Regarding LYME - or the very minimum - Gross Convential Medical Neglect


Please watch this video about LYME disease on Dr. Mercola's website.


And this next website has a lot of excellent information as well regarding LYME disease.


And here, Jesse Ventura, former Governor and WWF Wrestler, has an exposee on LYME disease and its corresponding conspiracy here:

S02E01 ??? Plum Island | Jesse Ventura .net


This is real people! This is really happening!! It's hard to believe and of course, there is an instinct we have inside of us to want to deny such happenings. Also, these videos and websites are alarming, but there is nothing to be afraid of, as there are helpful, effective therapies that I am now recommending for my patients. They are cost effective, harmless (when done correctly) and effective. Here, we find hope for this chronically debilitating condition.


Testing for Borrelia burgdoferi and LYME Disease


Over the past several years, as independent labs such as IgeneX, Clongen Lab and MDL have developed more sensitive tests for Borrelia and other tickborne diseases, an increasing number of people who were originally diagnosed with CFS and FM and other conditions like myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, and even some personality diseorders are turning up positive for Borrelia. Others who are getting false negatives on tests do respond to appropriately aggressive antibiotic therapy, (at the appropriate time) and may later show positive on the Western blot IgM (early or reactivated infection). One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that the Spirochete exists in many forms - some which are undetectable to tests.


This is what you don't want to do --> The standard test recommended "officially" by the CDC is the ELISA test, and if positive, followed by the Western Blot IgM test. This is not a very accurate way of assessing LYME disease.


This is what you want to do --> There are two labs in the USA that do the Western Blot IgG and IgM testing for LYME. they are called IgeneX and Clongen.

IgeneX contact page -

Clongen contact page -

You'll need a doctor or naturopathic doctor registered with these Labs to requisition this test for you. Ask the labs where you can find such a doctor or how to get the Western Blot test for LYME disease. On the IgeneX requisition form, it is item # 188 and #189 that are the specific tests for LYME. This test costs $200, plus blood draw fees (around $10-20) and shipping fees. It's worth knowing a certain diagnosis, but there is always the knowing that comes with awareness, as it happened for me. I knew for sure that I had LYME, even though I also went through with the blood test for certain diagnosis (and "luckily" for me, they came back positive for LYME disease).


This is not yet available but holds promise for the future ---> There is a new test for LYME disease called iSpot LYME. This holds a lot of promise as the most accurate and up to date testing for LYME that has come out (although it is very much early in the game and it may not be fully ready - and it is also quite expensive. Around $430). The Standard CDC testing (ELISA followed by Western-Blot which detects antibodies for Borrelia b., meaning, it can find a false positive for an infection which is no longer current, as the body retains antibodies for life) is not as accurate and give a lot of false negatives. This new test provides more accurate results. Another promising feature of iSPOT LYME is that it can be used within 4-6 days after exposure to the bacteria, versus the Western Blot which can only detect the presence of LYMEs after more time (4-6 weeks), already quite far ahead to "nip it in the bud" with conventional antibiotics.

More info on iSpot LYME here -

and here:


It should be noted that testing for LYME disease is not always necessary. By reading enough information about LYME diseas, it can be diagnosed with clinical signs and treated accordingly. Some practitioners are following this approach.


Here, you can take a Survey Online to see if you have some of the symptoms that qualify as a LYME diagnosis.


Note: In February 2015, I got the results back positive from my Western Blot Lyme test. The results were positive for the IgM on two bands and indeterminate on 2 bands. Some say that even the indeterminate readings can be indicative of a Lyme infection because it is so evasive. The IgG test had 2 indeterminate. Interpretation of the results is that I had a reinfection, since IgM reads recent and active infections and IgG is more for a chronic state. I believe what may have happened is that I did contract Lyme right before I got diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, and then recently, probably within the last 6 months (fall of 2014) I got reinfected.


Western Blot IgG IgM blood test for LYME

here is the positive result, on 2 bands for IgM from IgeneX.


Western Blot IgG IgM blood test for LYME

This is my IgG test result from IgeneX.


This website - has a lot of excellent information regarding Lyme disease testing.


Alternative Treatment and Therapies to Heal LYME Disease


The conventional approach to treatment of LYME disease is, at the moment, only antibiotics. The only time that antibiotics could be effective is very soon after the initial infection, before the spirochete has embedded itself in the tissues and gotten a hold on the immune system. Following that, the administration of long term antibiotic use is largely ineffective and frankly, very damaging to the patient. Some medical doctors have suggested that for a course of antibiotics treatment to be effective against LYME disease, they would have to range from one to two years and sometimes, beyond. I find this quite excessive and would not recommend this course of action. Here's a website that explains in more detail why chronic antibiotic use is harmful to our health. However, if there were no alternatives, it is better to be alive and to have the negative effects of chronic antibiotic use, than to get progressively worse, deteriorate and ultimately die from the disease. So, I do not find the lomng-term antibiotic approach to be the best course of action, but do acknowledge it has helped some people with LYME disease.


And if you are on Steroids at present for myasthenia gravis, or another condition, do not come off them Cold Turkey!! That can be dangerous in and of itself. However, if you do suspect that you have LYME, then slow removal from the steroids, under the supervision of a medical doctor or naturopathic doctor, is advised.


Dr. Moshe Daniel Block's TOP METHOD and REMEDIES For TREATING LYME Disease (this will likely evolve as I continue to work with this condition in myself and in my patients)


Here's a quick list of the Main forms of Treatment, in Descending order of importance, (but still quite close overall in effectiveness): Note: ALL of these therapies can be further researched before using them by searching Google for them, or by following some of the websites I recommend below. It should also be noted that certain health organizations such as the CDC, FDA, NIH, IDSA, do not acknowledge the severity of LYME disease, nor do they support the idea that it is a chronic problem. Also, they will tend to oppose alternative therapies for most conditions, and very much so, with LYME disease.


As with any approach, for any illness, the most important is to remove causes which are weakening the system. As Dr. Shandor Weiss, ND, reports in his article in NDNR;


"Some natural medicines seem to be more effective than others for treating Lyme, but I???ve found that the most effective treatment is the standard naturopathic approach: Find obstacles to cure and remove them. I???ve had many cases of Lyme that have apparently been cured, even without using medicines that are supposed to kill Borrelia burgdorferi or stimulate the immune system. While it may be useful to stimulate the immune system, this approach is overemphasized by the public and physicians alike. Usually the immune system is quite capable of stimulating itself when whatever is repressing or suppressing it is removed. See the accompanying case studies for some of these cures based on removing obstacles, along with a representative sampling of atypical Lyme cases I???ve seen."


I agree with this wholeheartedly, and also, am adding some specifics to also target the bacteria directly.


Primary Methods to Treat LYME Disease

- Samento and Banderol from Dr. Cowden - the company name is NutraMedix. I'll begin trying this product pair the beginning of November 2015 and will keep this website updated with my personal and clinical results. It is also important to have a Cyst buster to break down the biofilm barriers that the Borrelia bacteria form around themselves as a protective later. My favourite product for this right is called Biofibrin from Inspired Nutrition.

- Monolaurin and biofibrin.

- MMS - miracle mineral solution - Sodium chlorite solution, a very effective natural antibiotic.

- Holistic Counseling

- Homeopathic for Constitutional Treatment and Nosode.

- RIFE Beam Ray Device. Yes, it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it works!

- Colloidal Silver



note: It is not advised to use MMS along with Colloidal silver. Also, MMS is quite potent and caution should be used when mixing with other supplements.


Secondary Methods to Treat LYME Disease

- B12 injections

- Other oxidizing therapies like Vitamin C (high dose, especially intravenous), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and OZONE therapy.

- Oregano Oil

- Other vitality-boosting, cleansing, detoxing, balancing therapies are also good to help with overall state of health when dealing with LYME.

- Consider Inspired Nutrition Lyme disease protocol.

- Consider also the Cowden Lyme disease protocol.


Other considerations -

- Addressing the Biofilm directly to "expose Borrelia" to the immune system and natural antibiotics. My favourite product for this right is called Biofibrin from Inspired Nutrition.

- Stay away from refined sugar, wheat, and dairy.

- Reduce exposure to EMFs and negative "waves" - limit cell phone use. Whenever possible, use network cables straight into modem and turn off wifi. At the minimum, turn off wifi at night to go to sleep.

- Also of great importance is being in a mould-free environment, as mould seems to be a big trigger for Lyme disease aggravation.



#1) MMS - miracle mineral solution - Sodium chlorite solution, when activated it becomes Chlorine dioxide, a very effective and powerful natural antibiotic.


This is the official John Humble MMS site (the man responsible for bringing MMS to the world):


This page will sort you out about how to get MMS. Note, Health Canada has banned MMS. (This should be an indication of how good it is for so many things). The mixture of MMS is supposed to be 28% solution, which Health Canads thinks is a drug, but it may be ok to get it in 27% solution instead.


This is a site of MMS Testimonials for treating LYME disease:


This is a page on the proper preparation and taking of LYME disease.


Wherever you are, you should be able to find out where to get MMS. Even in Canada.


NOTE: The latest news on the most efficient way to activate the MMS solution is by 1:1 drops with 4% HCl solution. I have tried the 50% citric acid, and began gagging when I was using it. Its smell and taste is hard to handle. The 4% HCl solution, on the contrary, has barely any taste and smell and is supposed to create more Chlorine Dioxide (which is the active element that kills the bacteria, viruses, funghi, and parasites)

note: It is not advised to use MMS along with Colloidal silver. Also, MMS is quite potent and caution should be used when mixing with other supplements.


#2A) Holistic Counseling - Holistic Counseling is a counseling technique designed to get to the bottom or to the root cause of disease where it begins in the mental/emotional field. It helps to remove all attachments and reasons why a disease has begun in the first place, ie root causes, susceptibilities, dispositions. Often, this is enough to cure a disease entirely, as I have helped several myasthenia gravis patients with this technique alone. But when it comes to artificially created diseases like LYME disease, we sometimes need to use a more broad approach. I found that, despite having worked through many of my issues, there were still times when I would have flare-ups. That is due to the underlying, dug-in, hidden state of the Spirochete Borrelia burgdoferi and other co-infectins. However, it is still important to work out the underlying negative beliefs that influence the body to be mirroring that unhealthy way of thinking. So this is still an important approach that I offer in my practice. See this website for a list of other practitioners who offer Holistic Counseling. (it's a growing list -


#2B) Homeopathic for Constitutional Treatment and Nosode:

Homeopathic constitutional treatment remains one of the best forms of medicine for any condition. As I worked with constitutional remedies, I've had great success for both myself and my patients in keeping LYME disease at bay. But I was not able to remove it completely with just homeopathy and at times of stress and when I would stop taking the remedies for periods of time, the symptoms would return. I think in some cases, it is possible to cure LYME with homeopathy alone, but where it is not, or it is difficult, the natural antibiotics that I suggest in this section (MMS, Colloidal Silver, Oil of Oregano) help to directly target the bacteria while the constitutional healing occurs simultaneously.


Homeopaths know that in cases that do not respond to well-selected remedies, there is an underlying "miasm" that is blocking the cure. A miasm is known as an infectious disease that was suppressed in an ancestor (or in a patient's earlier years) by external applications of suppressive medications and has resulted in a low form or "shadow" form of the disease. This shadow form of the disease is like "swamp gas" (which the word miasm means in Greek) and hovers around inside of a patient, blocking their progress toward health and recovery. The main three miasms are Psora (from scabies), Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. I often found that my cases of myasthenia gravis that were not responding to well-selected remedies seemed to need the miasmatic remedy (called a Nodose) prepared from Syphilis. Some would improve, but yet again, others would not. I see now why I thought that the underlying miasm was similar to Syphilis - because Borrelia burgdoferi was created in a lab FROM Syphilis. So, the miasmatic remedy, called the NOSODE, for LYME disease is called by the name of the Spirochete itself - Borrelia burgdoferi. In the USA, it is possible to get this from Hahnemann Labs, but it is necessary to have a physician place the order for you. In Canada, Homeodel carries it. You can also get this remedy from Helios pharmacy in London, England and Remedia in Austria. I do recommend, however, only using this nosode under the supervision of a well-trained homeopath or naturopathic doctor trained in homeopathy, and also to do it concurrently with the constitutional homeopathy.


#3) RIFE Beam Ray Device Frequencies . Yes, it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it works! Here is a site with simple terms about how RIFE works.


There are two forms of RIFE machines.

The original, traditional RIFE machine was a Bulb with noble gas that would send frequencies in plasma waves at Radio frequency. This is very effective at targetting and killing organisms that are sensitive to specific frequencies.


There is another form of a RIFE machine, also effective, which uses electric pulsing through the body at certain frequencies. Here is a link to one of the websites that use this form of the RIFE technology -


More info to follow on RIFE.


#4) Colloidal Silver - Silver, in very fine particulate form in solution, is known as Colloidal silver, and it is a very potent natural antibiotic. Based in my present understanding, one of the best colloidal silver products is known as Mesosilver.

Mesosilver (20 ppms) is a high quality colloidal silver. I recommend the lower ppm products like Mesosilver and Argentyn 23 rather than the ones below, which have higher ppms. for example: Invive (5000 ppm) NutraSilver (3600 ppm)


This page compares many Silver products out there and shows their efficiency index.


A good starting dose would be 1 tsp, once per day and work up 2X / day or 3X / day. If you're working with Colloidal silver alone, then you can go much higher. Some have had succes with up to a few ounces (2-4 ounces), 3 times per day. That is A LOT. And it is expensive, but it has helped some totally rid themselves of LYME disease. Here is one testimonial page of a woman's experience ridding herself of LYME with Colloidal Silver.

Note: It is not advisable to mix Colloidal silver with MMS.



#5) B12 injections - B12 injections are really helpful for the nervous system and can help with many of the neuromuscular manifestations of LYME disease. These injections need to be done intramuscularly, and should be done by a qualified healthcare professional. (MD, nurse, ND)


#6) - Vitamin C (high dose, especially intravenous) and OZONE therapy.


#7) Oregano Oil aka Oil of Oregano - Available in your local health food store.


The "Herxheimer" Reaction

Lyme patients typically understand well the "Herxheimer" reaction, which is a response to the lyme bacteria dying, and stimulating an uncomfortable immune response from the toxins that are released. Lyme treatment and die off from any method can cause: headaches, joint pain, sweating, nausea, flu-like reactions, fatigue, skeletal pain, itching, diarrhea, and fever. Not too unusual for a Herxheimer reaction, and this is usually a good thing, as it is subjective evidence that the treatment is effective against the germ.

Beware of Conventional Lyme Disease Therapies and STEROIDS
What is most unfortunate is how so very often, patients on autoimmune diseases are put on STEROIDs, like Prednisone. This is something most definitely not to do. Many of my patients are put on STEROIDS. I have always tried to get them off them slowly. They cause a suppression of the immune system, as well as a suppression of the symptoms, and when the steroids are stopped, there is quite a large rebound effect of all those symptoms that have been suppressed from being expressed. The Steroidal therapy that is often administered to patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases can be particularly harmful to Lyme patients. Steroidal therapy can suppress patients' immune systems, allowing the Borrelia and other co-infections to grow, rather than attacking the infections. You may ask why patients are given steroids like prednisone. The answer is, as I just shared above, because Lyme is often misdiagnosed as autoimmune diseases, such as myasthenia gravis.